TMJ Treatment Burr Ridge, IL

If you are experiencing chronic jaw pain, headaches and bruxism, you might have a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Other TMJ symptoms include popping or clicking, ear pain, clenching, limited mouth opening, neck pain, shoulder pain, face pain and pain in front of the ear.

The TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center focuses on diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders and facial pain for patients from Burr Ridge, IL. We also concentrate on the differential diagnosis of related disorders for patients to be treated alone or in a multidisciplinary fashion.

We often see Burr Ridge patients who have been referred by a physician, dentist or specialist. We also attend to patients who seek a definitive diagnosis after having seen other healthcare professionals.

Burr Ridge, IL / Relief from Jaw Pain, Bruxism

If you are suffering from conditions such as jaw pain, bruxism or face pain, we are ready to help you with your condition. The TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center can fulfill your quest for pain relief.

Our TMJ treatment for Burr Ridge, IL comprises advanced testing procedures such as a load test, an extensive head and neck exam, Doppler ultrasonic testing for types of joint sounds, MRI imaging and site-specific imaging of temporomandibular joints.

These procedures ensure precise working diagnoses that help alleviate most TMJ symptoms including jaw pain and bruxism.

Burr Ridge, IL / Multi-Disciplined Treatment of Related Disorders

When needed, we work in tandem with other physicians for the most effective treatment for related disordered patients from Burr Ridge.

You will not have to endure trial and error. We plan treatment by incorporating a medical model and, if necessary, a multidisciplinary approach.

Upon a diagnosis of TMJ, we will work closely with radiologists; ear, nose and throat physicians; neurologists; and physical therapists to help you feel and function better once again.

Most symptoms will be alleviated after treatment. Our promise to you as our patient is to either diagnose you or refer you to the appropriate specialist for treatment.

To learn more about our TMJ treatment for Burr Ridge, IL, please contact our Burr Ridge office at (630) 734-0909. Relief from jaw pain, bruxism and other TMJ symptoms is available to you.