Testing & Diagnosis

We use a symptom based approach to diagnosis which consists of a detailed and extensive differential process enabling TMJ treatment to be successful. With this in mind, the treatment we provide not only resolves your symptoms, but actually treats the cause of the symptoms.

Most patients are referred to the TMJ and Facial Pain Treatment Center with a “diagnosis” of TMJ. This simply means that you have a temporomandibular joint.

What makes our practice unique is that you may be diagnosed with TMJD and you will understand the mechanisms causing your disease process. We use joint specific examination and testing, including MRI imaging, to assure an accurate diagnosis and eliminate other possibilities that could be mimicking your pain.

As a hospital staff dentist, Dr. Grabavoy has ordered and interpreted thousands of MRI’s and diagnosed disease processes including the following: disc displacement, ischemic necrosis, sinus polyps and cysts, joint effusions, parotid gland cancer, temporal bone cancer, retrodiscal edema, and cervical disc problems. Additional testing includes: extensive muscle examination of the head and neck, orthopedic load testing of the joint, and Doppler ultrasound. By using such thorough methods, a specific diagnosis can be made to allow for treatment success.