The following are samples of some of our patients who have graciously written about their treatment and experience. Most of these patients presented in extreme pain and sought treatment for their symptoms.

“This office of Dr. Alex Grabavoy is the BEST. Staff is very kind and friendly. I had a jaw issue and was given a splint to use for relief of my jaw. It has worked wonders. Wendy and the receptionists are very concerning and understand my needs. Would recommend them to anyone. Thanks.”
— Ardythe I., September 7, 2023

“I had been treated for TMJ disease many years ago by another doctor. When my condition worsened, I went to see Dr. Grabavoy. He was able to get me back to a pin-free, fully functioning jaw.”
— Jean T.,  August 11, 2023

“Dr. Grabavoy and his team of experts have provided great care over the past five years. Their attention to details in healing my jaw issues have been amazing. The pain and other issues are gone and the follow-up appointments continue to keep my jaw in the proper alignment.”
— Betsy H., June 12, 2023

“I am very happy with the treatment of my TMJ problem. Dr. Grabavoy promises great results with his treatment and I am thankful for his professionalism.”
— A.S., June 15, 2023

“Dr. Grabavoy is a Life Saver

In February 2022 I suddenly developed debilitating tinnitus. After its start, I had this condition 24/7 with little or no relief. I went to the emergency room, saw my doctor, went to my spine surgeon, and saw an ENT. No one had answers, and no one was able to help me. I googled tinnitus, and there are literally thousands of reasons for getting it, and even more that claim to cure it. I was running out of time. Three weeks after first getting it, I found a YouTube video that was labeled, ‘Your tinnitus could be caused by TMJ.’ it made some sense and I was out of options. I remember always driving past a dental office in Shorewood that always had something to do with TMJ on their electronic sign. I made an appointment with Dr. Grabavoy’s office. After a lengthy consultation, he sent me for an MRI. It confirmed mild TMJ. I HAD NO PAIN. My main and only symptom was severe non-stop ringing in my ears. After my MRI, I met with Dr. Grabavoy to review my MRI and discuss options. He felt he could help me. He discussed his treatment recommendation and details. I put my faith in his hands. He didn’t over promise but was very confident he could help me. I committed to the treatment which spanned at least one year.

Slowly over the next 12-13 months after STRICTLY following the treatment I had committed to, the ringing in my ears got better. It was a slow process. Every month I saw the doctor, and he made adjustments and gauged my progress. Now 15 months from the start of my tinnitus, I am nearly 100% better. It worked.

I cannot thank Dr Grabavoy and his staff enough. There were some very dark days over the last year. I had faith in him. He always explained the process and my progress every month. He was never in a hurry and always patient with my questions and concerns. His staff is very professional and polite. Over the course of 15 months I saw them a lot. They always made me feel welcome and were sympathetic to my problem. I never felt alone during this process.

I recommend Dr. Grabavoy to anyone having a problem like the one I had. He cured me and literally saved my life. I’m not sure how long I could have gone with the ringing in my ears. I am 100% happy with him and his staff.”
— Chris S., July 10, 2023

“Today 5/18/23, I’m doing very well. A few years ago when I first came here for treatment, my jaw was stuck and could not open my mouth for a logn time. My head was in severe pain. Dr. Grabavoy and staff cured me. I followed their instructions and went for therapy. Now I sleep and eat better. Very glad I made this decision for TMJ treatment. I’m cured.”
— Arthur B., May 18, 2023

“Dr. Grabavoy and his staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. I was having severe jaw pain and since coming here and using the splint treatment, I am well on my way to becoming pain free and a better quality of life! I highly recommend this TMJ practice.”
— Kelly B., April 27, 2023

“When I first came in, I could hardly eat or talk, but the doctor help me get that back. I can chew better and talk, no problem. If you’re experiencing bad pain and spasms in your jaw, get the help and get your life back.”
— Haley K., April 25, 2023

“Dr. Grabavoy has helped me enormously. I can now yawn and brush my teeth without worrying about my jaw locking in an open position. I appreciate the expert guidance over the course of the one year splint adjustment.”
— G.M.

“When I first came to TMJ Treatment Center, I was in a great deal of pain, and my jaw felt unstable. Six months later, I have no pain and my jaw is back to normal. Everyone in this office was very professional and very nice. Dr. Grabavoy is great to work with and very patient. I am so thankful I found them!”
— Donna J., April 5, 2023

“Dr. Grabavoy and his treatment have changed my life. Prior to meeting Dr. Grabavoy, my jaw would lock and I could not completely close my mouth. I experienced ear and jaw pain, headaches, facial pain and difficulty eating. I have successfully completed treatment and all my adverse symptoms have dissipated.”
— Georgia D.

“I have been experiencing chronic pain and tight muscles in my face and jaw since I was 12 years old. One doctor told me to stop chewing gum to help the pain. Finally my jaw completely locked, after many years of popping. This is when I went to Dr. Grabavoy. Within the first month of wearing the splint for TMJ disorder, the pain was almost gone and my range of motion improved. Now, a year later, I am COMPLETELY PAIN FREE for the first time in over 30 years. My jaw feels loose and relaxed and my range of motion is better than ever! I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Grabavoy and this treatment!”
— Wendy V.

“One year ago it was painful to chew and it sounded like a water bottle being squeezed in my ear. Physical therapy on my neck did very little. After Dr. Grabavoy’s care I am pain free and able to eat. Results began right away, too.”
— Christine S.

“I suffered from unbearable jaw pain after my second daughter was born. My dentist recommended Dr. Grabavoy and I’m so glad I went to him. Splint therapy helped with the pain so much. After completing Phase 2 of his treatment plan I noticed a huge difference almost immediately. I no longer have any pain and my bite is back to normal.”
— Laura H.

“I’ve struggled with TMJ for a very long time. I started having awful migraines and my jaw started locking shut, sometimes for a few days. I can honestly say this treatment was the best thing I’ve ever done. I haven’t had headaches or jaw issues since I started the treatment. I wish I would have done this years ago.”
— Amber S.

“When I first came to see Dr.Grabavoy I could only open my mouth 19mm!! that is less then 1 inch!! After my first month of treatment my constant pain was no longer constant. By 3 months I did not have pain at all :)”
— Alexandra L.

“The pain that I was experiencing was causing a lot of problems both at work and at home. I thought that it was something I was just going to have to live with and power through. Due to another underlining condition it seemed like the TMJ pain would be something that would never disappear. On my first visit those fears were put away. Dr.Grabavoy and his excellent team made me feel so comfortable about what I was experiencing and demonstrated a deep knowledge and confidence that was extremely helpful to me. I am so glad for all the help that I received and incredibly thankful for all of their hard work in helping me feel normal again.”
— Kevin K.

“When I came to Dr.Grabavoy’s office I could not even open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich; and after one month in splint therapy, my bite had already doubled and my jaw felt more balanced. Now that i’m done with my treatments I feel like a new person because I’m pain free and my bite/jaw feels great!! Thanks to Dr.Grabavoy and his wonderful staff!”
— Amanda G.

“I’m so happy I found Dr.Grabavoy to fix my jaw. It used to hurt just to do everyday tasks like eat and brush my teeth. Now, I can barely remember what it is like to have the pain!!”
— Alyssa M.

“When I first came to Dr.Grabavoy my jaw popped whenever I talked or ate. My jaw would get locked when I opened my mouth and it hurt so bad once I cried. Within the first week of treatment my jaw felt much better and didn’t pop as much. After a month or so the popping and locking stopped completely.”
— Kylie B.

“I can’t possibly thank Dr.Grabavoy and his team enough for the outstanding care they provided while I was going through TMJ treatment. The process was long, but in the end well worth it. When I came in to see Dr.Grabavoy, I was having issues of vertigo, severe pain in the left side of my jaw that radiated to my ear and back of my head. After a visit to the ear nose and throat(ENT) doctor and then several visits to my regular dentist, who fitted me for a night guard, I soon realized that the problem was still not resolved. That’s when I ‘Googled’ TMJ Specialists and came across Dr.Grabavoy. He literally walks you through every part of the examination process from beginning to end. Dr Grabavoy is also the most knowledgeable dentist I think I have ever met and he and his team are excellent to work with. My process is now complete and will use his practice for my regular dental needs going forward as well.”
— Piper K.

“Dr.Grabavoy and all of his staff are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. When I walk in the door they are all smiles until I walk out. I went through splint therapy and it was the best thing ever. The relief was almost instantaneous and it wasn’t just temporary. I no longer hear clicking everytime I open my mouth, and the headaches have subsided immensely, would recommend 10/10.”
— Anna

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came to Dr.Grabavoy. I was hoping for some relief of the constant aching in my jaw. The results have exceeded my expectations. I am pain free. The staff is incredibly courteous. I highly recommend giving Dr.Grabavoy and his staff the opportunity to ease your pain.”
— Tom S.

“I am so grateful that my dentist referred me to Dr.Grabavoy last year after I nearly destroyed a night guard in just six months. The quality of my life has improved greatly. I had a headache nearly every day of my life. Many of them were migraines. Now, I’ve been migraine free for at least six months. The headaches I have now are caused from stress, not TMJ, and they are not nearly as intense. Today I went in to get my teeth cleaned. That used to be torture. Holding my mouth open wide for so long was horrible before. I was in pain the whole time and my jaw would be sore for days. Sometimes I had to take a break before they could finish up. This time, it seemed like I just got there and the cleaning was done! My jaw didn’t hurt or lock up even once. It’s so nice to be able to move my jaw without pain or clicking. I thank the whole staff here for taking the time to explain things to me and encourage me through this process. I came in fearful of what barbaric treatment would be suggested. Instead, I have been pleasantly surprised by how simple and easy it was. I wish I had known about it years ago.”
— Amy R.

“I am very thankful for Dr. Grabavoy and staff for providing help to TMJ. I see this as a great blessing because it was able to stop any future pain that would hinder my daily life. So worth it!”
— Kaitlyn G.

“When I first came here, I was in really bad shape. I couldn’t keep my mouth open (if it wasn’t locked up) and keeping it closed hurt just as bad. I had been to four different doctors and no one helped. In fact, it made things worse. After getting my splint, I immediately felt better! My relapse was a struggle but getting through that made a difference. Halfway through my treatment, Doctor came across a growth on my jawline. Within 48 hours, I had a biopsy and a CAT-scan. The way he handled everything was so fast and I was so grateful for that. He really does care about his patients. I can now go without the splint and go without pain!”
— Victoria F.

“I have had severe ear issues/pain for more than 20yrs. I had seen multiple ENT’s and even had tubes put in as an adult to try and alleviate the pain and pressure. Finally about 2 years ago, I saw an ENT that really wanted to help. However, he began diagnosing me with Miniere’s. That just didn’t fit with me. He also said he believed I had TMJD and said I should find a specialist. Now, a little more then a year later, my hearing is back to normal, the pressure is mostly gone, and I feel better than I have in a long time. It’s been a journey and I never expected 100% back to normal. I would say it is 80%, and I am extremely happy with that. Ultimately, I feel 200x better than I did two years ago and that’s all that matters! Thanks Dr. Grabavoy and staff! You changed my life!”
— Sherry K.

“At first I was dealing with a great amount of jaw pain and ear aches. Now it is at least 93% better. It was definitely worth going through the split therapy.”
— Justin R.

“I’ve had TMJ for years and in 2014 my jaw locked tight. I was referred to Dr. Grabavoy and began splint therapy. One has to be diligent, but at the completion of therapy I am now pain-free and my bite is aligned for the first time in many, many years. I am grateful to Dr. Grabavoy and his knowledgeable, caring staff. I would whole-heartedly recommend the services of TMJ & Facial Pain Center.”
— Kevin F.

“I was referred to Dr. Grabavoy by my general practitioner. When I first came to his office I could barely open my jaw. He helped me tremendously. I am back to 100%. He and his office staff are very professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone with TMJ issues.”
— Caroline S.

“I have always known something wasn’t right with my jaw but I never did anything about it. I self-medicated my facial pain, neck pain and fluid retention in my ears with sinus meds that gave me a temporary fix to symptoms. 2012 I had extensive dental work that caused nonstop pain. I finally came to Dr. Grabavoy to investigate my issues and symptoms and discovered I was Stage “5” TMJ. OMG! Since I got my splint I have had a huge change in life. I do not have sinus problems and no longer take un-needed meds. I claim a healing! Thank you Dr. Grabavoy.”
— Patty W.

“I have suffered with TMJD for over 12 years. I saw specialists when I was very young and had no success. The only way I could sleep at night was by taking Tylenol with codeine. After a year of splint therapy with Dr. Grabavoy I am virtually pain free. I can sleep better and no longer rely on prescriptions. This treatment truly changed my life. Driving for an hour to my appointments and the total cost was definitely worth it. I highly recommend Dr. Grabavoy and the entire staff at the TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center.”
— Jennifer Henneberg

“In January 2012 I began to develop an aggravating case of tinnitus. Within a few months neck pain, jaw cramping and headaches began to follow. After seeking numerous treatments through my primary care physician, as well as specialist, I found Dr. Grabavoy on the Internet. He diagnosed my ailment as displaced TMJ discs. Dr. Grabavoy was very thorough in explaining the ailment…as well as a potential treatment. I was then fitted for a 24hour bite appliance to reposition my discs. He was very professional and patient in taking time to listen to (and address) my concerns. My neck and jaw pain gradually began to diminish, to nearly the point of non-existence. I would highly recommend that anyone who may think they have problems with their jaw or TMJ come in and see Dr. Grabavoy.”
— Dave Wolfe

When I came to see Dr. Grabavoy I was in daily pain and I could not fully open my mouth. I very much felt like my jaw needed to rest but I was never able to get it to a relaxed position. With the splint therapy I was able to rest my jaw! Over time I began to experience a decrease in pain and I was able to fully open my mouth again. When it came time that my pain was gone and my jaw was ready to have my splint removed I was afraid to let it go! The only thing that convinced me to let it go was my trust in Dr. Grabavoy. He has been wonderful explaining the process and guiding my treatment every step of the way. He talked me through my anxiety and of course he was proven correct. The nightguard that he made is doing a great job keeping my jaw pain free. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Grabavoy and splint therapy to anyone struggling with TMJ. A most sincere Thank You to Dr. Grabavoy and his terrific staff!
— Janice F.

Dr. Grabavoy and the entire staff made a huge difference in my life! To go from having headaches on a daily basis to never is a miracle. To be able to eat a sub sandwich is huge! It was so worth the time and monetary investment. I never realized how much pain I had been in until I wasn’t in any. Thank you!
— Lauren D.

Before my splint I had a lot of discomfort in my jaw – popping, clicking and migraines. Since I’ve had my splint the discomfort is gone and so are my headaches. I would highly recommend splint therapy to anyone suffering with TMJD. It’s so helpful. It’s a great feeling to not be in pain anymore.
— Kristen D.

I was in a car accident and shortly after began to have jaw pain and trouble with my jaw moving properly. I was able to get this problem corrected with treatment at Dr. Grabavoy’s. I no longer have jaw pain. The staff and Dr. focused on getting me better and I am thankful I came here for treatment!
— Lisa A.

I started coming to Dr. Grabavoy in 2002 because I had been in an accident. Hitting my face on the steering wheel put my jaw out of alignment and Dr. Grabavoy was able to help me immensely by adjusting a nightguard gradually until the problem was corrected. The staff here is very helpful and understanding and professional. Now my annual visits help keep me well!
— Joan K.

I became a patient of Dr. Grabavoy early in 2009. At the time, my jaw was causing me much pain. I was taking over 10 over the counter pain-killers in order to decrease my discomfort. The pain was intense every other day. The pain I had was life changing. I decided to make a consultation appointment with Dr. Grabavoy.

Dr. Grabavoy is very knowledgeable and passionate in the fields of dentistry and TMJ. I felt very comfortable with his projected treatment. Within days of being fitted with the first TMJ splint, I was 99 percent pain free. My experience with Dr. Grabavoy techniques, bedside manner, and treatment exceeded my expectations. His dental assistants and office staff are also friendly, personable, and well informed. My needs were always met by the entire staff. At this time, I am happy to say I am pain free and comfortable again. I would highly recommend Dr. Grabavoy’s office for TMJ and dental help.
— Leah J.

After months of bi-weekly facial massages, chiropractor visits, and treatment from an orthodontist for the unbearable symptoms of my TMJ, I still was not feeling any long-term relief. My daily headaches, facial pain and neck pain were intensifying and I was afraid that there wasn’t going to be anyone to help me. A friend of mine told me about her sister who had severe TMJ. She highly recommended Dr. Grabavoy, even stating that he had changed her sister’s life. Even though this sounded hopeful, I was still skeptical considering the bad treatment experiences I recently had. I decided that I would call Dr. Grabavoy’s office hoping to speak to him about my TMJ, before driving 1 1/2 hours to his office for a consultation. After speaking with him on the phone, I got a great feeling and decided to come in. That was the best decision I could have ever made. I am so happy that I can honestly say that those TMJ symptoms I came in with are no longer. I am so thankful for finding Dr. Grabavoy when I did. Dr. Grabavoy and the staff are very knowledgeable about the disorder and have been so friendly and helpful. The Phase I treatment was painless and I could not be happier with the result.
— Lindsey B.

For 6 months I went to doctor after doctor. I had headaches, numbness in my arms and my ears were always plugged. After never being diagnosed with anything, I went to Dr. Grabavoy for a regular check up and told him my symptoms. Sure enough, after tests I was diagnosed with TMJ. With the correct treatment and care Dr. Grabavoy gave me, I feel great. A year later I feel back to my normal self and continue on with my everyday life! Thanks Dr. Grabavoy.
— Kelli P.

It is so wonderful to be able to eat again without pain. The care I received at Dr. Grabavoy’s office was so kind and professional. I always felt confident that I was receiving the absolute best care available. Thank you so much.
— Debbie S.

If you suffer from TMJ symptoms and pain, I highly recommend Dr. Grabavoy and his team’s expertise in treating your condition! He and his staff thoroughly explain the procedures involved and guide you through each phase of the treatment plan. How wonderful it is to feel normal again!
— Felipa N.

Seven years ago I was referred to Dr. Grabavoy by my dentist. For a few years I had shoulder and neck pain and inner ear problems. The inner ear problem had gotten so bad I went to an ENT doctor but found I had no fluid build up in my ear. I was still having to leave work early due to dizziness and would pull over to the side of the road for fear I’d be sick. At a routine dental exam, my dentist told me about TMJ and referred me to Dr. Grabavoy. Here I found there was fluid around my ear canal and that my jaw was out of line, causing the neck and shoulder pain. The treatment for my TMJ was as simple as wearing a mouthpiece all day for a few months, then at night only. So simple, so little, for so much!
— Gina S.

Before I went to Dr. Grabavoy for TMJ, I couldn’t even turn my head from side to side, my neck hurt so bad. But with months of treatment and a splint made for my jawbone I feel much better now and back on the road for a full recovery!
— Linda W.

Dr. Grabavoy has helped me more than I ever thought possible! When I came in, I could barely open my mouth. Now, I can enjoy my life again with no jaw pain-it’s amazing! Dr. Grabavoy’s staff is wonderful. The entire office makes you feel extremely welcome, at-ease, and important. I am so grateful for all they have been able to do for me.”
— Bridgett L.

Dr. Grabavoy is a great doctor. I was referred to him to treat my TMJ and now I do my general dentistry with him and the staff is very friendly.
— Edgar E.

In the beginning I was in a lot of pain. I went to many different doctors but no one could explain my pain. I then learned from my dentist that I probably had TMJ. After going through many appointments and processes, my pain has finally gone away as well as my TMJ.
— Jennifer W.