TMJ Treatment New Lenox, IL

The temporomandibular joint connects your lower jaw, the mandible, to the bone at the side of your head, the temporal bone. To locate your TMJ joints, place your fingers just in front of your ears and then open your mouth – you’ll feel the joints moving. You’ll note how flexible they are. This allows your mouth to do things such as talk, chew and yawn.

Woman smilingWhen this joint is injured or damaged, it can create a localized pain disorder referred to as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. Just a few causes of TMJ syndrome can be injury to the teeth or jaw, stress, arthritis and gum chewing.

Common symptoms of TMJ are jaw pain, earaches, headaches and bruxism. Other signs of TMJ include limited mouth opening, neck pain and face pain.

The TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center diagnoses and treats TMJ disorders and facial pain for patients from New Lenox, IL. We also focus on the differential diagnosis of related disorders for patients to be treated alone or in a multidisciplinary fashion.

We often see patients from New Lenox who have been referred by a dentist, physician or specialist. We also attend to patients who either self-diagnose TMJ or seek a definitive diagnosis after having visited other healthcare professionals.

Relief for Headaches, Jaw Pain, Earaches, Bruxism / New Lenox, IL

If you’re a New Lenox resident and are suffering from conditions such as headaches, jaw pain, earaches or bruxism, we can help you achieve your goal of pain relief.

Our TMJ treatment for New Lenox patients includes highly focused testing procedures such as an extensive head and neck exam, Doppler ultrasonic testing for types of joint sounds, site-specific imaging of temporomandibular joints and MRI imaging.

These procedures ensure accurate diagnostic assessments toward alleviating the discomfort of most TMJ symptoms.

Multi-Disciplined Treatment of Related Disorders / New Lenox, IL

The TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center also partners with other physicians for optimal treatment of TMJ-related disorders for patients from New Lenox.

We plan treatment without trial and error by incorporating a medical model and a multidisciplinary approach if necessary. After a diagnosis, we team with radiologists; ear, nose and throat physicians; neurologists; and physical therapists to assist you as needed.

Our promise to you as our patient is to either diagnose you or refer you to the appropriate specialist for treatment. To find out more about our TMJ treatment for New Lenox, IL – including relief from symptoms such as jaw pain and bruxism – please contact our Shorewood office at (815) 730-0909 today.