TMJ Treatment Lockport, IL

If you have been experiencing symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, earaches or bruxism, it’s possible that your discomfort will decrease on its own. If however your symptoms remain and become debilitating, you might have a temporomandibular (TMJ) disorder. A definitive diagnosis would be the surest way to determine how to achieve pain relief.

Woman smilingOperating from our office in Shorewood, The TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center diagnoses and treats TMJ disorders for residents of Lockport, IL. We can help you specify your condition and establish a plan for alleviating it.

TMJ: A Background

The temporomandibular joint connects the lower jaw (the mandible) to the bone at the side of the head (the temporal bone). It creates movements that allow you to perform such vital functions as talking, chewing and yawning.

The temporomandibular joint differs from the body’s other joints in that its combination of hinge and sliding motions makes it more complicated. Its complex actions and construction make the jaw joint and its controlling muscles a distinctive challenge when problems arise.

If the TMJ joint is stressed or not moving smoothly, the resulting discomfort can be significant. Symptoms can include, among others, chronic headaches, earaches, jaw pain and bruxism. Other symptoms might include popping or clicking, limited mouth opening and neck pain.

As many as 15 percent of Americans experience TMJ-related pain. The disorder also appears to be more common with women than among men. The good news is that TMJ ailments are treatable.

Alleviating TMJ-Related Headaches, Earaches, Jaw Pain, Bruxism – Lockport, IL

The TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center diagnoses and treats TMJ disorders for patients from Lockport, IL. As our patient, you gain the resources to understand and treat your condition so you can be pain free.

Headaches, earaches, jaw pain and bruxism are among the most common TMJ symptoms. To help alleviate discomfort from them, we customize a treatment plan that may include elaborate testing procedures such as an extensive head and neck exam, Doppler ultrasonic testing for joint sounds, site-specific imaging of temporomandibular joints and MRI imaging.

Treatment of Related Disorders through Multiple Disciplines – Lockport, IL

If needed, we can also provide a differential diagnosis of TMJ-related disorders based on a medical model for patients to be treated alone or in a multidisciplinary fashion. If a diagnosis calls for additional specialization, we work in tandem with other physicians for the most effective treatment of symptoms. Our supporting experts include radiologists; neurologists; physical therapists; and ear, nose and throat physicians.

Our promise to you is to either diagnose you or refer you to the appropriate specialist. Begin your personal path to pain relief today – contact us at (815) 730-0909 to speak with a TMJ specialist in our Shorewood office.