TMJ Treatment Channahon, IL

If you are inquiring here, perhaps you or someone you know has been suffering from symptoms such as jaw pain, bruxism, headaches or earaches. Others ailments might include popping or clicking, limited mouth opening and neck pain.

In some cases, these symptoms might disappear on their own or respond to self-treatments such as ice packs, over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or gentle massaging.

If the symptoms persist, they could indicate the presence of a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. The temporomandibular joint connects your lower jaw (mandible) to the bone at the side of your head (temporal bone). When the tissues lining it are inflamed or irritated, they can affect the joint and result in pain in the face, head and neck. Just a few causes of TMJ disorders can be a tooth or jaw injury, uneven alignment of the teeth, poor posture and excessive stress.

Millions of Americans now suffer from TMJ-related discomfort. TMJ problems also appear to be more common with women than among men. The good news is that those with a disorder can achieve pain relief.

The TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center specializes in diagnosing and treating TMJ syndrome for patients from Channahon, IL. We often see Channahon patients who have been referred by a dentist, a physician or another specialist. We also attend to patients who either self-diagnose TMJ or seek a definitive diagnosis after having visited other healthcare professionals.

Channahon, IL – Relief from Jaw Pain, Headaches, Earaches, Bruxism

Our TMJ treatment includes relief from jaw pain, bruxism, headaches and earaches. In performing a current and accurate diagnosis, we apply advanced testing procedures such as an extensive head and neck exam, a load test, site-specific imaging of temporomandibular joints, MRI imaging and Doppler ultrasonic testing for types of joint sounds. These procedures ensure proper working diagnoses that lead to the relief of most TMJ symptoms.

Channahon, IL – Multi-Disciplined Treatment of Related Disorders

In some cases a TMJ disorder might require attention from supporting multidisciplinary specialists. The TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment Center works in tandem with other physicians for the most effective and comprehensive treatment for Channahon TMJ patients.

If needed after a diagnosis, we will partner with radiologists; ear, nose and throat physicians; neurologists; and physical therapists to assist in your relief from pain.

To learn more about our specialized treatment of TMJ-related pain including headaches, earaches, jaw pain and bruxism, contact our Shorewood office today at (815) 730-0909.